Slim SEO 3.18 - Link rel nofollow, sponsored and ugc

In the latest version 3.18, Slim SEO allows you to add rel attribute to links, which can be nofollow, sponsored and ugc (user-generated content). This version also add the integratition with the Ultimate Member plugin and improves the way the plugin shows SEO data in the admin.

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Link rel

By default, WordPress doesn't allow you to add "rel" attribute to links. So all links are dofollow. It's not really helpful for SEO if you have a link building stragtegy, where you need nofollow or sponsored links.

Now you can do that with Slim SEO easily. The plugin add settings to set the rel attribute to nofollow, sponsored or ugc (user-generated content). And it works in both classic and block editors.

Here is a screenshot for the classic editor:

Add rel=nofollow to links in the classic editor

And here is the screenshot in the block editor:

Add rel=nofollow to links in the block editor

Learn more about nofollow, sponsored and ugc links.

Other updates

Slim SEO 3.18 also adds the integration with the Ultimate Member plugin and improves the existing integration with WooCommerce.

We also improve how to show SEO data in the admin post table. For long meta title and meta description, we truncate the text and use tooltip to show the full content.

For post types that have a page as the archive page (like WooCommerce shop), we use the SEO settings from that page, which is easy for users to setup things like meta title, meta description and social images.

With this update, we hope Slim SEO is more useful for users. The ultimate goal is getting a higher ranking in search result pages and providing a great user experience. If you like this feature, please share this post or leave us a 5* review.

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