Writing better with ChatGPT - A real use case from Slim SEO

We've just created the Products page to list all of our premium SEO plugins for WordPress. While working on the description for the page, we use ChatGPT to help us. Turns out it's quite useful and training it is interesting. In this post, we'd love to share how we use it to improve the marketing content for the page.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that interacts with people in a conversational way. It can answer questions in different areas and languages. The power of ChatGPT is it can understand the existing context and follow-up questions. So it can be trained to give better answers step-by-step.

ChatGPT is a powerful tool and if used correctly, it can help us to write content, research keywords and even code. Although recently launched, ChatGPT is a prominent phenomenon on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

How to use ChatGPT to improve marketing content

In our case, we need to write a brief description for the Products page where we list all premium SEO plugins. So we start by asking ChatGPT to do that for us:

Ask ChatGPT to write a description for Slim SEO products page

And it shows us a long paragraph. However, it's too long for a brief description, so we ask ChatGPT to make it shorter. This is an attempt to train ChatGPT to do a specific thing for us with an existing context.

Ask ChatGPT to make the text shorter

And it does its job quite well. But the content is generic and is for Slim SEO. We'd love to write about our premium SEO plugins, so we ask it to write our premium WordPress SEO plugins specifically. When the question is specific, ChatGPT will understand and give us specific results.

Ask ChatGPT to give better answer with a specific question

Now the result looks better. But we are not satisfied with it, so we asked it to generate alternatives. As there're many ways to answer a question, and ChatGPT is an AI, it can give us more ideas to choose from.

Generate more ideas with ChatGPT

The content is quite good. Let's push harder by asking ChatGPT to give us more ideas with a little longer text? Based on the previous answers, ChatGPT is smart enough to work on alternative results if we ask.

Generate more alternative answers with more context

The content has the names Slim SEO Schema and Slim SEO Link Manager, which in our opinion is not quite good for the introduction of the page, so we asked ChatGPT to remove the names. While working with ChatGPT, you can train it to modify the answers to fit your needs.

Ask ChatGPT to modify the answers to fit our needs

And now we have many results from ChatGPT's answers! We compare the answers in the final steps and other previous steps to see what's best for us.

It's important to note that we train ChatGPT in each step to improve the quality of the result. However, ChatGPT is not human and it does not always understand us, so the improvements might not be ideal. We need to see the whole progress to take what's best for us.


ChatGPT is a tool, an intelligent and powerful tool. There are many use cases in that ChatGPT can help us, and writing content is one of them. It can give us ideas, rewrite them or create alternatives. We can also train it step-by-step to refine the result. This process is very interesting and if we do it right, the result is more than expected.

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