Need to optimize structured data for your sites? Check out our new plugin Slim SEO Schema!

An SEO plugin for WordPress, without the bloat

Automate all the SEO work for your websites with a lightweight yet powerful WordPress SEO plugin.

Top 3 Reasons Why People Love Slim SEO

SEO should be an integrated part of WordPress, where users don't need or need very little effort to configure for SEO. See how Slim SEO does that and why people love it.

Zero Configuration

Simply install and done! All the SEO tasks are done automatically without going through complicated options.

Super Lightweight

With just 40 KB, you have a super fast and full-featured SEO plugin that can do the job that other bloated plugins do.

High-Quality Code

Modern, modular code that is made by WordPress developers with more than 12 years in plugin development.

Finally, a WordPress SEO Plugin that's Easy and Powerful

Slim SEO is a must-have SEO plugin for WordPress. Here are the features that make Slim SEO the most easy-to-use yet powerful WordPress SEO plugin.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags Optimization

Auto generate meta title, meta description, Open Graph, Twitter cards tags.


Schema (Structured Data)

Auto generate united schema types for your website, pages and content.


Auto Redirection

Auto redirect attachment pages to file URLs and empty pages to the homepage.


Image Alt Text

Auto add alt text for all images if it's missed when uploading to the media library.


XML Sitemap

Auto generate XML sitemap for submitting to search engines.



Show hierarchy of your content with simple and configurable breadcrumbs.


Header Footer Code

Inserting code for Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook pixels can't be easier.


RSS Feed

Auto add a back link to all feed item to prevent the content from being copied.

Simon Blackbourn

Great SEO plugin for WordPress, just install it and you’re done. No need to plough through pages of options, unneeded features, constant notifications and upsells.


Simon Blackbourn - on


Slim SEO is the best SEO plugin for beginners and for those who prefer to keep things lightweight. Believe me, don’t complicate your site SEO with other bloated big players.


alangautham - on

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Slim SEO? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Everyone should use Slim SEO!

The plugin is perfectly suitable for users who prefer simplicity or do not like the complicated options that other SEO plugins provide.

It's also a good choice for users with little SEO knowledge and just want to use SEO plugins to automate their jobs.
Other SEO plugins often have too many options and are very complicated for ordinary users. Access to their configuration section, you will easily get lost in a maze of explanations and options that you sometimes don't understand. Besides, there are ads!

We believe that SEO should be an integrated part of WordPress, where users don’t need or need very little effort to configure for SEO. The main reason is that not everyone understands the terms of SEO and how to configure them optimally.

That's why we made Slim SEO and it's totally different!

Slim SEO follows the philosophy of WordPress, decision over option. That means we provide an SEO plugin for WordPress where the configuration has been done automatically. Users do not need to care about their complex and semantic options.

Besides, Slim SEO is lightweight and optimized for a great performance.

We believe Slim SEO is a great plugin for you which really helps you increase your rankings and you'll love it.
Slim SEO is a WordPress plugin. In order to use Slim SEO, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site. That's all.
Absolutely not. Slim SEO is carefully built with performance in mind. We have developed everything with best practices and modern standards to ensure things run smooth and fast.
Absolutely not. Slim SEO is super easy to use. And it just requires to install and activate. There's no coding skill required to use the plugin.
Absolutely not. Slim SEO automates all the SEO job for you, even if you don't know that.

It requires zero configuration to use. You can just install it and done! Everything else are handled automatically. Your rankings will be boosted behind the scene.

Start optimize your websites for search engines

Let Slim SEO help you have better rankings on search results pages.