10 Best Link Building Tools to Help You Build Backlinks

Link building, a crucial aspect of SEO, can be challenging but is essential for boosting your website's authority and ranking higher on Google. To make this process easier, we've compiled a list of the top link building tools that have helped us acquire numerous high-quality backlinks from authoritative domains. Get ready to unlock the power of these tools and elevate your search visibility. Let the link building journey begin!

1. Semrush: An All-encompassing Link Building Suite

Recognized as one of the most versatile link building tools, Semrush provides a comprehensive range of features that cater to both novices and seasoned SEO professionals alike. Its extensive capabilities include a backlink audit tool, competitor backlink analysis, and a link building tool, offering opportunities for both organic and paid search improvements.


Lauded as one of the world's fastest backlink discovery platforms, Semrush stands out for the quality of its backlinks data. This comprehensive data not only empowers your link-building efforts but also adds depth to your overall SEO strategy.

Outreach Tool

One of the standout features of Semrush is its built-in outreach tool. This integrated feature is a game-changer for your link-building campaigns, allowing you to find prospects, prepare your outreach sequence, and track your campaigns all within the platform.

With Semrush's link-building tool, you can:

  • Find potential link opportunities: Semrush’s tool scans the internet to discover potential link-building opportunities based on your website and business needs.
  • Automate your outreach efforts: Preparing and launching your outreach campaign can be done in just a few clicks, saving you valuable time.
  • Track your campaigns: You can monitor the status of your outreach emails and track the responses, helping you optimize your future campaigns.
  • Monitor your backlinks: Semrush notifies you if any backlinks are removed, ensuring your link profile remains robust.

Semrush is more than just a link building tool; it's an all-in-one SEO toolkit. In addition to its robust link building capabilities, Semrush offers a multitude of other features, including keyword research tool, on-page SEO checker, position tracking, or content optimization tool.

The clean, intuitive interface makes navigating these features and tools a breeze.


Semrush comes with different pricing plans ranging from $119.95 to $449.95 per month. Each plan caters to a wide range of SEO needs, including link building, making it an ideal choice for many businesses.

2. Ahrefs: A Comprehensive Backlink Analysis Powerhouse

Ahrefs is another heavy hitter in the link building tools arena, boasting an extensive backlink database that's updated every 15 minutes. Its user-friendly interface allows you to conduct in-depth backlink analyses, track your link profile growth over time, and discover untapped link opportunities with the click of a button.


The backlink data provided by Ahrefs is powered by one of the world’s most active web crawlers, offering high-quality, up-to-date insights. Designed with SEO pros in mind, Ahrefs serves as more than just a link building tool.


In contrast to many other link building tools, Ahrefs stands out with its intuitive and informative reporting. While it is comparatively costlier, the depth and breadth of data it provides make it a top choice for those seeking comprehensive link insights.

For example, the Pages > Best by links report is invaluable in shaping your content strategies. It allows you to:

  • Identify competitors' most linked content, which can then be used to inform and influence your content strategies.
  • Identify the type of sites that link to the content similar to what you aim to produce, offering strategic direction for your link building efforts.

Furthermore, the 'Pages > Best by link growth' report is essentially a 'trend' report, providing data on content that has been generating links over the last 30 days. Spotting content that is rapidly accumulating links, you can use this information to create more robust and link-worthy content.

Content Explorer

Arguably, one of the most notable features in Ahrefs' suite is the Content Explorer. Essentially a mini search engine for link builders, Content Explorer helps you find mentions of your brand or keywords across the web.

For example, you can run a monthly search to find all the mentions of your brand. The 'highlight unlinked mentions' feature is particularly useful to filter the sites that have never linked to you, opening up new opportunities for link building.

In addition to its robust link building and analysis features, Ahrefs boasts several other functionalities that complement your SEO strategy: keyword research tool, rank tracking, and technical SEO site audit.


Starting at $99 per month for the 'Lite' plan, Ahrefs might be a pricier option, but its vast array of features makes it a worthy investment for many SEO professionals. For those needing more comprehensive features, the 'Standard' plan is available for $199 per month. Both plans accommodate a single user, and you can opt for monthly payment or receive a discount with an annual subscription.

3. Moz: Harnessing the Power of Advanced Link Metrics

Known for its popular Domain Authority (DA) metric, Moz is a comprehensive SEO toolkit that also shines in the realm of link building. Its Link Explorer feature offers a complete look at your link profile, and its Spam Score tool helps you avoid toxic backlinks that could harm your SEO efforts.

Moz link building tools

Link Explorer

When it comes to link building, the cornerstone of Moz's suite is its Link Explorer tool. This feature allows you to analyze the backlink profile of any website, offering an unparalleled depth of insight that can significantly bolster your link building efforts.

Specifically, Link Explorer can help you to:

  • Find link opportunities: By analyzing the link profiles of similar websites or competitors, you can identify potential sites to target for your own link building.
  • Remove bad links: Understanding your backlink profile can help you identify and remove harmful or low-quality links that may negatively impact your site's SEO.
  • Repair broken links: By pinpointing any broken links in your profile, Link Explorer enables you to swiftly address and fix these issues to maintain the strength of your link profile.

Additionally, Link Explorer provides insights into the anchor text that other sites typically use when linking to your website. This valuable information can guide your keyword strategy for future content, enabling you to create pieces that are more likely to garner backlinks.


Moz, with pricing plans starting from $99 per month, is a versatile and comprehensive SEO tool equipped with potent link building capabilities. It is designed to support a variety of link building needs, including finding link opportunities, backlink analysis, link outreach, and link vetting, among others.

4. BuzzStream: Streamlining Link Outreach and Relationship Building

BuzzStream, starting at $24 per month, is an all-encompassing outreach CRM tool designed to simplify the link building process. Used by the world’s leading marketers, it offers a suite of powerful features designed to help discover link opportunities, create qualified prospect lists, send emails at scale, and track campaign progress.

BuzzStream link building tools

BuzzStream aims to streamline and automate the link building process. It takes the heavy lifting out of your hands, providing an efficient workflow that can cut your link-building time in half.

The typical link-building campaign with BuzzStream involves:

  • Prospecting and Discovery: Use the built-in tool to quickly search the web for potential link-building opportunities, automatically gathering all the necessary metrics. This information allows you to prioritize opportunities and add contacts to your list with a few clicks.
  • Email Outreach: With your prospect list ready, BuzzStream helps you send personalized outreach emails that get results. You can send these emails in bulk or one-by-one, and even use templates to save time. The platform also allows you to automate your follow-ups.
  • Collaboration: Keep your team members in sync using the built-in CRM, preventing duplicated efforts and ensuring a well-coordinated outreach strategy.

Advanced CRM for Link Building

The centerpiece of BuzzStream is its advanced CRM system. It facilitates the management and organization of your entire link-building campaign from start to finish, allowing your team to work seamlessly together.

BuzzStream's CRM system allows you to segment your link prospects based on their stage in the outreach process with Custom Fields. This feature provides team members with clear visibility on each prospect's status, preventing duplicated efforts and wasted time on dead-end leads.

5. BuzzSumo: Content Marketing Powerhouse for Link Building

Starting at $119 per month (with a 20% discount on annual subscriptions), BuzzSumo is a highly popular content marketing platform, frequently employed by PR professionals for the purpose of link building. A 30-day free trial is offered to let users experience the benefits first-hand.

BuzzSumo link building tool

Creating Linkable Content

Firstly, BuzzSumo aids in the creation of content that naturally attracts links. Its research and discovery tools generate ideas for high-performing content that garners links organically, bypassing the need for extensive outreach.

Identifying Influencers and Bloggers

Secondly, BuzzSumo is a powerful tool for discovering industry influencers and bloggers likely to link to your content. By using the Content Analyzer to search for your article topic, you can identify the most shared articles. Select an article similar to yours, and click on 'View top sharers' to see a list of influencers who have shared it. These individuals are ideal prospects as they have previously shared similar content and are likely to share yours.

Leveraging Brand Mentions

BuzzSumo's 'Brand Mentions' feature is another valuable tool for link building. It monitors conversations across the web and notifies you whenever your brand name is mentioned in a blog post without a link to your site. This provides an opportunity to request these unlinked brand mentions to be converted into links, forming a highly effective and easy-to-implement link-building strategy.

One limitation of BuzzSumo for link building purposes is its lack of a built-in email outreach tool. Thus, while you can identify influencers and bloggers, outreach emails must be sent from another platform. For this reason, BuzzSumo often works best when combined with other email marketing or link building tools.

6. Link Hunter: User-Friendly Link Building for Beginners

Starting from $49 per month, Link Hunter is our top choice for beginners in link building. This tool is distinguished by its innovative, intuitive user interface, making link building as straightforward as possible.

Link Hunter

Link Hunter offers many of the same functionalities as BuzzStream, such as prospect discovery and email outreach, but its striking simplicity sets it apart.

Simplified Link Building Strategy

The first step is choosing your link-building strategy: guest posting, product reviews, or paid links. Once this is done, simply search for a topic related to your niche. Link Hunter promptly provides hundreds of relevant websites that could potentially link to your content.

Quick Evaluation and Outreach

Key metrics such as domain authority for each site are readily available, enabling quick and easy evaluation of prospects. Website previews are also provided within Link Hunter, eliminating the need to open new tabs. If you find a site you're interested in, reaching out is as simple as clicking the email icon next to it.

Integrated Email and Contact Form Submissions

Link Hunter shines in its ability to discover and auto-fill email addresses instantly, speeding up the outreach process. A variety of built-in email templates are available to quickly lay the groundwork for your message, and these can be personalized with dynamic fields as required. Should a website only have a contact form, Link Hunter allows form submissions directly from the platform, obviating the need for opening new website tabs.

Tracking and Monitoring

Link Hunter keeps track of all the sites you've reached out to, updating you on the progress and whether a link has been acquired yet.

7. SEO PowerSuite: Affordable, Downloadable SEO and Link Building Solution

SEO PowerSuite stands out as an extremely cost-effective and generous link building tool, offering both free and paid versions. The premium licenses start from $299 per year, but the tool suite also offers free access, with certain usage and access limits.

SEO PowerSuite for Link building

As its name suggests, SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive SEO software suite that you can download directly to your machine. It contains several powerful tools, including SEO Spyglass and Link Assistant, both of which greatly aid your link-building campaigns.

SEO SpyGlass: Backlink Research Tool

The SEO SpyGlass tool within SEO PowerSuite offers backlink research capabilities. Thanks to its enormous database of live links, you can discover which websites are linking to your competitors. This knowledge allows you to identify new potential sources of backlinks and add them to your outreach list.

Link Assistant: Finding Backlink Opportunities

Link Assistant is another robust tool in the SEO PowerSuite arsenal. It supports finding thousands of backlink opportunities and creating prospect lists tailored to your specific link-building strategy. The software supports ten of the most popular strategies, including but not limited to guest posting and directory submission.

Email Verification and Outreach

After you've built your prospect list, SEO PowerSuite offers tools to verify all your contact email addresses, thereby maximizing email deliverability. It also includes built-in outreach tools and email templates, simplifying the process of building links.

8. SE Ranking: Comprehensive SEO Solution with a Focus on Data-Driven Link Building

SE Ranking is a comprehensive all-in-one SEO solution that is particularly useful for data-driven link-building campaigns. With a set of different SEO tools at its disposal, it provides a wealth of insights for businesses. Its flexible pricing model caters to varying needs, with plans starting from $23.52 per month.

SE Ranking for Link building

SE Ranking offers a broad range of SEO tools, each designed to provide specific benefits to your SEO and link-building campaigns. Among these, the Backlink Checker is the most pivotal for link-building efforts.

Backlink Checker: Building a Data-Driven Strategy

The Backlink Checker is an analysis tool that facilitates the creation of a data-driven link-building strategy. To harness the power of this tool, all you need is your competitor's domain name. Once you search for it within SE Ranking, the platform will generate their entire backlink profile.

This profile gives you a comprehensive list of every site linking to your competitors, complete with detailed data on all their referring domains. Such insights allow you to strategize your link-building campaigns more effectively by targeting the same sites that provide your competitors' most valuable backlinks.

Backlink Tracking and Keyword Rank Tracker

In addition to the Backlink Checker, SE Ranking also offers a Backlink Tracking Tool, which is valuable for monitoring your existing links. Another notable feature is the Keyword Rank Tracker, which allows you to observe your organic ranking positions over time. Consequently, you can assess whether your new backlinks are making a significant impact on your rankings.

9. Snov.io: Sales-Focused CRM with Beneficial Tools for Link Building

Snov.io, utilized by over 130,000 companies including renowned brands like Zendesk, Canva, Payoneer, and Dropbox, is a powerful CRM platform and sales toolbox. Originally designed to cater to sales teams, its suite of tools offers significant value to link builders as well. Snov.io offers a limited free plan, with premium options starting from $39/month.

Snov.io for Link building

Email Finder and LinkedIn Prospect Finder

The Email Finder is designed to gather contact details from a variety of sources, including websites, blogs, and search results pages. This tool is incredibly useful in building a comprehensive prospect list for your link-building outreach campaigns. Additionally, the LinkedIn Prospect Finder enables you to find contact information on LinkedIn pages, further enriching your prospect database.

Email Verifier and Email Warm Ups

Snov.io's Email Verifier is a vital tool to ensure the validity of your prospect list's contact information before emailing them. This reduces your bounce rate and improves deliverability, leading to more successful outreach efforts. The Email Warm Ups feature boosts your sender reputation, which in turn enhances your deliverability rates. A stronger reputation reduces the likelihood of your outreach emails being flagged as spam.

Email Drip Campaigns and Email Tracker

Once you've developed a robust list of prospects, Snov.io's powerful Email Drip Campaigns feature allows you to automate your outreach, including unlimited personalized follow-ups. You can create complex flow charts with branching logic for highly personalized campaigns. The platform's Email Tracker enables you to monitor essential metrics such as engagement, open rates, and click-through rates.

10. Majestic: Comprehensive Backlink Analysis Tool

Majestic is a robust backlink analysis tool that provides essential features such as backlink count, referring domains, and anchor text analysis. With pricing ranging from $49 to $399 per month, Majestic offers various packages to suit different needs.

Majestic Link building tool

Topical Trust Flow

One standout feature of Majestic is its Topical Trust Flow metric, which measures the number of links a site has from highly trusted "seed" websites. This metric provides valuable insights into a site's credibility within specific topics.

Majestic offers several reports and recommendations to enhance your link-building efforts. The Topics report enables you to identify the types of sites you should target for link acquisition, based on analyzing the link profiles of top-ranking sites. The Referring Domains report helps you evaluate the number of unique domains to focus on for building authoritative links, while also providing insights into trust and citation flow distribution.

While backlinks are important, don't forget that internal links has the similar role in your link building campaign. By linking your content properly, the chance to get a higher ranking, especially for pillar content will be improved.

These link-building tools nodoubly offer unique advantages to enhance your SEO efforts. From content analysis, influencer discovery, to contact finding and email outreach, these tools provide valuable resources for creating efficient, data-driven link-building strategies, tailored to diverse business needs.

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