Facebook Open Graph Tags

All Open Graph meta tags are generated automatically just like meta title and meta description.

Actually, it inherits from these meta tags. The og:title is the meta title, og:description is the meta description.

Slim SEO supports the following Open Graph tags:

og:titleTitle: inherits from meta title.
og:typeType: article if on a singular pages/posts, website on other pages.
og:imageImage: URL of the featured image. Only available for singular pages/posts.
og:image:widthImage width: width of the featured image.
og:image:heightImage height: width of the featured image.
og:image:altImage alt text: alt text of the featured image.
og:descriptionDescription: inherits from meta description.
og:urlURL: permalink of the singular posts/pages.
og:localeLocale: get from WordPress’s settings.
og:site_nameSite name: get from WordPress’s settings.
article:published_timeArticle published time: get from post’s published time. Only available for singular pages/posts.
article:modified_timeArticle modified time: get from post’s modified time. Only available for singular pages/posts.
og:updated_timeArticle updated time: same as article modified time.
article:sectionArticle section: post category (the first one).
article:tagArticle tags: post tags.

See list of all available Open Graph tags supported by Facebook.

Please note that if you set your homepage as a static page, then the plugin treats it like a normal page.